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Jerry Jones is the general manager of the Dallas Cowboys because he also owns the team. He apparently is in no hurry to transfer the GM title to his eldest son Stephen, who serves as the Cowboys' vice president and director of player personnel. He apparently hasn't done a sloppy job in marketing the team. In August 2014, Forbes magazine reported that the Cowboys have become the first American football franchise valued at $3.2 billion.

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Q: Why is Jerry Jones still the GM of the Dallas Cowboys?
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No, Miles Austin was released from the Dallas Cowboys football team.

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Who fired Tom Landry?

The answer should be Tex Schramm. When Jerry Jones bought the Dallas Cowboys in 1989 Tex was still drawing a paycheck as general manager. It had always been his job to hire and fire players and coaches, and he did this his entire career with the Cowboys. However, he informed Jerry Jones that this was his responsiblity. Being a new NFL team owner Jerry believed him and went to see Tom personally to tell him the news. When Jerry found out how Tex had misled him he fired him and vowed that he would never live to see himself in the Cowboy's Ring of Honor. True to his word Tex Schramm was put into the Ring of Honor shortly after his death.

Did Tony Romo get traded?

No, he's still on the Dallas Cowboys.

Did the Dallas Cowboys get a new quarterback?

Nope it's still Tony romo

Is the series still tied between the Dallas Cowboys and the Pittsburgh Steelers?

No. Including the postseason, the Dallas Cowboys lead the all-time series versus the Pittsburgh Steelers, 16-15.

Where can you buy Dallas Cowboys memorabilia?

The Dallas Cowboys are "America's Team" and their memorabilia can be found in most sporting goods outlets around the country. Texas Stadium is the home of the 'Cowboys' and still remains to be the best place to make a purchase of less common items.

Can the Dallas Cowboys still get in 2008 playoffs?

Yes, they did. The Cowboys defeated the Eagles in the wild card round and lost to the Vikings in the divisional round.

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The Dallas Cowboys used a first-round pick to select linebacker-turned-defensive end Anthony Spencer from Purdue. Although he has had an injury riddle career with the Cowboys, he is still considered one of their best defensive players.

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No he was my uncle and he died a while back.

Is Troy Aikman still playing for the Dallas Cowboys?

No. Troy Aikman retired on April 9, 2001.

Which team is worth more money the Dallas Cowboys or the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Even though the Cowboys have a better stadium, the Steelers still have more money...Cowboys 200 billion, Steelers 276 billion.