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Mainly because Ohio State is one of the most successful teams in College Football history.

Ohio State has accounted for 7 recognized National Championships, is the second highest producer of All-Americans, only behind Notre Dame, has 7 Heisman winners, the only team to have a player win every football athletic award at least once, they have more football awards than any other team in the country with 35, the only team to have a player win the Heisman twice, the only team to have a player win the Lombardi award twice, is one of the top three leading producers for NFL players.

They are also the Fifth most winning team of all time with 808 wins, have a 71.6 winning percentage (also fifth), and have 20 straight years with a winning season, have a winning record against every FBS conference, and are recognized as the third greatest team in college football history, rated above teams like Alabama and USC, only falling behind their Rival Michigan and Notre Dame.

Ohio State produces better athletes than most schools, and is a top NFL pro factory, their rivalry with Michigan is recognized by more people as the greatest rivalry in sports history than any other rivalry in the world, making other people upset, because them thinking that theirs is greater, without looking into Ohio State and Michigan's bloody past.

To be honest all of the great schools are hated, it's their success people hate, and being honest it's just jealously because they know their teams fall behind Ohio State.

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Q: Why does the public hate the Ohio state buckeyes?
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What are the 2 reasons why Michigan and Ohio state hate each other?

In 1897, Ohio State and Michigan's first Meeting, Ohio State was beaten 35-0 By Michigan, that's when the rivalry started, in 1901, the teams starting meeting every single year, Michigan won the first nine games of the series from 1901-1909 (including 1901), Michigan dominated the rivalry early. In 1922, the first game played in Ohio State's Historic stadium, Michigan beat the Ohio State Buckeyes, which had a colossal stadium at the time, of 66,000, in 1928, Michigan Spoiled Ohio State's party by opening a 88,000 seat stadium. In 1950, Ohio State and Michigan competed in a game referred to as the "snow bowl" because it was during a massive blizzard, neither teams would leave the field, Michigan won the game 3-0, and it was also Ohio State Buckeyes head coach and legend Woody Hayes' first game against the wolverines. In 1968, Ohio State Buckeyes Assistant Head Coach Bo Schembechler, transferred to Michigan as their new head coach, winning his first game against his mentor Woody Hayes, the next ten years, often referred to as "the ten year war" Ohio State and Michigan met every year both ranked in the top 5, each game was VERY close and each time determined the Big Ten champion. Both teams have a top three largest football stadium in the United states, Michigan #2 and Ohio State #3. Michigan won the 100th Meeting between the two teams in 2003. Ohio State would then take their longest streak against the Wolverines, from 2004-2008, of five games in Ohio State's history. The 2008 Match up was won 42-7 by Ohio State. Michigan leads the series , 57-42-6 Over Ohio State. It is the closest Major Rivalry the past 50 years in sports history, Ohio State leading by 5, the past 80 years, it is also the closest, Ohio State leading by 1.

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