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Because they are representing England, not the United Kingdom. The Union Flag combines the three flags of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The red cross is St George's Cross, which is the English flag) as opposed to the British flag which combined (hence the word UNION) England, Wales and Scotland. However, it is incorrect to refer to it as a "Union Jack" It should be refered to as a "Union Flag" - it is only called a "Union Jack" when the flag is hung from a JACK pole (on naval ships). == == Actually, the Union flag does include Northern Ireland's St. Patrick's cross, the red saltire, as well as St. Andrew's white saltire, and St. George's red cross. Only Wales is not represented. The political union of Scotland and England happened in 1707. This is why Scotland plays under the flag of St. Andrew and the Welsh under the Dragon. Whereas when playing for Great Britain (as with the Olympics) they play under the Union Flag.

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Q: Why does England's rugby team use a white flag with a red cross in it and not the Union Jack?
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