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The idea of the game is to gain possession of the ball, keep it and get over the try line to score. With the opposition also trying to do that is vital that in the contact area the strongest person will move their opposition, maul the ball or push other off the ball. Added to this is the running, tackling, line-outs and scrummaging.

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Both codes of Rugby are high level physical contact sports. The aim in many areas of scrummaging, rucking and mauling demand great physical strength to push the opposing team away from the ball, to "rip" the ball from the opponent and to "clearout" rucks where players are lying over the ball.

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The game is a high contact sport. Added to this are the requirements to gain possession of the ball through rucking, mauling, line outs and scrummages. When the opportunity arises players with need to tackle a player, get to their feet and then proceed to drive over the ball to allow the following players in their team to get possession. If tackles its the ball carriers job to stay on their feet and gain as many meters as possible - strength is vital

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so you can jump then you can eat a space robot and perform a lion in Japan thank you. stefat wilson quagflab.

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Q: Why do you need muscular strength in rugby?
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