Why do girls wear bikinis?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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I'm a girl but I'm a 11 year old & honestly I don't kno why older girls do bc some that do don't have anything 2 show & some r kind of heavyset

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Because they don't want to be naked,

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Q: Why do girls wear bikinis?
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Do girls in 6th grade wear bikinis?


How do girls wear bikinis?

In the same way she would wear any other item of clothing.

What do girls wear in Argentina?

The girls in Argentina wear similar outfits as other girls. Long dresses are fashionable for them and most of them love to wear their bikinis at the beaches.

Do girls wear bikinis?

In the same way she would wear any other item of clothing.

Do teenage girls wear bikinis in spring?

Yes they do! The same goes for summer.

Why do girls often wear bikinis in front of guys?

Most ladys look good in them. Its just like you being in your bra and underware.

What types of girls do guys think are pretty?

Girls who wear so much make up as well as those with bikinis

What kind of underwear do girls wear?

cute patterns, lace, bright colors in hipsters, bikinis, and thongs

What type of clothing do girls wear in summer to show off their toned tummy or six pack abs?


Why do saiyans wear those dorky bikinis and never regular clothes?

what are you talking about? do you mean girl saiyans? because the boys dont wear bikinis. they usually wear either blue or black spandex under their armor. and to answer your question, i dont know why they wear bikinis and not regular clothes. it may be a sick joke about us girls. anyway, i love saiyans (boy saiyans! especially trunks!!!!)=-supersaiyanchick=

What do girls in Australia wear on the beach?

Girls on Australian beaches wear the same sorts of clothing as peoe in other westernised countries. They wear a variety of clothing styles, from skimpy bikinis to tasteful onepiece swimsuits, to saris or shorts and tops.

What do Russians wear?

They wear bikinis, bras, and thongs.