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Q: Why did the Minnesota Twins trade David Ortiz and for whom?
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The Mets acquired Luis Castillo from what team in 2007?

Minnesota Twins Castillo came to the Mets from the Twins in a trade for minor leaguers Dustin Martin and Drew Butera.

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Who did the Minnesota Vikings trade in 2010?

They traded Randy Moss.

What is the theme of the trap?

Twins "trade places" and confuse everyone who knows them.

Is joe mauer going to Boston Red Sox?

Not anytime soon. In March of 2010, the Minnesota Twins signed Joe Mauer to an 8-year contract extension worth $184 million, with a full no-trade clause, keeping him in Minneapolis for the foreseeable future.

What player did the Cowboys trade to the Minnesota Vikings in 1989?

Herschel Walker

What is the theme of parent trap?

Twins "trade places" and confuse everyone who knows them.

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Yes, they went out of business...

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