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Torres left because he wanted to meet a new challenge. I think he is sincere. It is not all for the money. If you have seen his house , you will have noticed that he has got more of it than most of us can dream of. He wants to grow as a player as every young talent does. He is only 26 and he now grabs that chance. Liverpool offers him no perspectives any more. But it is a very tough goodbye for Torres. he has been looking quite pale, serious and sad, lately. It is defenitely a big issue for him. Not something he makes light of or trifles with.

Give gim a chance to spread his wings. It is his third club only. How many can say that? Torres is a decent chap. He wants to play and test the limits of his capabilities. Let him. Don't call him names. It does not resolve anything. Give him a fair new start. The people make it so difficult for him because he was Liverpool's shining star. Look at all the successes he brought. They really put him down because they love him so much. That is the real reason. Instead of that, they could also welcome Suarez and look to the future.

My 14 year old son is an inveterate Torres- AND Liverpoolfan. At first he was devestated. But after he had let the news sink in he said: "Mum, I want to see him play anyway , anywhere". That is the proper attitude.

Freedom and room to breathe and manoeuver, isn't that everyone's prerogative?


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Q: Why did Torres leave Liverpool football club?
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