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No Tim Thomas is not captin Zdeno Chara is captin

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No, as of now Tim Thomas is still an active NHL player, he has hinted at possibly taking a season off due to personal problems, but has made no announcement of retirement.

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The shower towels werent fluffy enough

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Q: Why did Tim Thomas leave the Boston Bruins?
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Who is the goalie for Boston Bruins?

The Boston Bruins have two goalies. Tim Thomas and Tuukka Rask. Thomas is the first goalie while Rask is second.

What number is Tim Thomas?

Tim Thomas's number is 30. He is the goalkeeper of the Boston Bruins.

How old is Tim Thomas of the Boston bruins?


How old is Tim Thomas on the Boston bruins?

Tim Thomas is 37 years old as of today

Who is the best goalie to play for the Boston Bruins?

Tim thomas

Who played goal for Boston Bruins this year?

Tim Thomas

Who won the vezina trophie in 2008?

Tim Thomas of the Boston Bruins

Who won the Vezina trophy in 2011?

Tim Thomas of the Boston Bruins.

Who was the best NHL goalie this season?

Tim Thomas from the Boston Bruins.

Who are the 2 Boston bruins players from US?

Tim Thomas Steve Kampfer

What caused Tim Tomas to leave the Boston Bruins?

The shower towels weren't fluffy enough.

What was Thomas jersey number with the Boston Bruins before he wore?

Tim Thomas wore number 70 in 2003 for the Bruins. He has worn 30 for the team since the 2005-06 season.