Why did Tim Tebow start football?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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because his dad introduced it to him and every since then he's been playing football.

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Q: Why did Tim Tebow start football?
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What is 'Faith And Football'?

Tim Tebow.

Who should start Tim Tebow or Mark Sanchez?

Tim Tebow

What is the value of a Tim Tebow football card?

A Tim Tebow NFL card will probably be about $1.50 to $2.15

Has Tim Tebow ever played for Boise State?

No. Tim Tebow played college football for the Florida Gators.

Who will be on the cover of NCAA football 2011?

Tim tebow

Who is the most talked about football player?

tim tebow

Where is Tim Tebow playing football?

Denver Colorado

Was Tim Tebow ever on Georgia bulldogs football team?

No. Tim Tebow spent his entire collegiate career at the University of Florida.

Who is a better quarterback Tim Tebow or Matthew stafford?

Tim Tebow is the better football player I will admit that but Matthew Stafford is the better Quarterback!

Who the best college player football?

To me it's between Tim Tebow and Archie griffin

What was Tim Tebow's jobs?

the national football league NFL

How many Times was Tim Tebow a team captain for the football team at the University of Florida?

Tim Tebow was selected captain of the Florida Gators Football team twice, in 2008 and 2009.