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They don't break up... unfortunately... or fortunately??? :D

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Because of his encouragement from his friend.

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Q: Why did Fernando Torres and olalla break up?
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Why did fernando torres and olalla break up in 2006?

olalla tried to suck Torres dick and tried to have sex with him so she started bouncing on her back and Torres went on top of her and she started make sex voice and Torres dumped her so when they got to gather olalla had just had her baby so Torres snoged olalla and started having sex again im Torres fan and iv been to his house to see him and to have tea there with him and it was fun there. :) :) :) im a big fan of Torres :) :) i love Torres . Torres has kissed me on the check before

Are Olalla and Fernando Torres married or engaged to be married?

They were engaged to be married in 2006, but then they broke up. Now they are back together again and he proposed to her a few days after the Euro 2008

Is Fernando Torres gay?

He was up until the 27th of may 2009 when he got married to ollala dominquez liste in a small wedding in Madrid. It was a secret wedding which had a small audience of family and friends. Ollala at the time was 7 and a half months pregnant, she wore a red dress.

Who is Fernando Torres' girlfriend?

Her name is Olalla they have been dating since they were teens. They were engaged to be married in septemberr 2006 but broke up and are now recently together again.

Who inspired Fernando Torres?

He looked up to Michael Jordan and Kiko

Where in Spain did Fernando Torres grow up in?

Torres was born in Fuenlabrada, a large suburban town south of Madrid.

Background information about Fernando Torres?

Fernando Torres is a Spaniard and was picked up by the Spanish club Atletico Madrid when he was very young. But the spanish coach of Liverpool brought him and had to give the club Luis Garcia as a free player as part of the deel.

The words of the Fernando Torres-song?

his armband proved he was a red Torres Torres you'll never walk alone it said Torres Torres we bought the lad from sunny Spain he gets the ball and he scores again Fernando Torres liverpools number nine el capitan de athletico Torres Torres the youngest ever muchacho Torres Torres at 17 he made the team he made them cry he made them dream Fernando Torres liverpools number 9 spanish international Torres Torres he won the European final Torres Torres he scored the goal that won the cup he made the other team give up Fernando Torres liverpools number nine he plays up front with Steve Gerrard Torres Torres misfortune only makes him hard Torres Torres he runs like he is ******* mad he makes a decent team look bad Fernando Torres liverpools number 9 still he's pretty down to earth Torres Torres he's every single penny worth Torres Torres unlike a certain Portuguese he doesnt doesnt dive if u just sneeze Fernando Torres liverpools number nine he's ever single womans dream Torres Torres but is he horny is he keen Torres Torres im sorry girls hes got a wag and only ollala he'll shag Fernando Torres liverpools number nine

Why did Jared Followill and Alisa Torres break up?

Because Jared was far to sexy for her!

Who is the center stiker for Liverpool?

Fernando Torres is 1st choice, but Dirk Kuyt and Ryan Babel can also play up front. David Ngog is the understudy.

How many goals did torres score in 2010 world cup?

Unfortunately Fernando Torres didn't score a single goal. He didn't get much playing time because David Villa started up front at the start of every game.

Will Joe Jonas break up with Camilla Belle?

If they ever dated they already broke up because she is dating tennis player Fernando verdasco