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Q: Why can't the Cubs make it to the World Series?
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When did the Chicago Cubs won a World Series Championship and Do you think they will will make it to World Series and win on 2011-2012 season?

1908. No chance.

How many times did the Chicago Cubs make the world series?

The cubs have been in the World Series 10 times. They won it back to back in 1907 & 1908. The last time they made it. It was in 1945 they lost to the tigers.

Did the Chicago Cubs make it to the World Series in 2005?

No. In 2005 the White Sox beat the Astros.

What was the last year the Chicago Cubs in the playoffs for the world series?

2008 but hopefully they will make it in the 2012 season

What year did the Chicago Cubs make the playoff?

2015 of course.2008. They were swept right out of the first round of the NLDS. 2010 marks the 102nd anniversary of the Cubs' last World Title. The longest Championship drought for an individual franchise in all of sports.They won their last World Series in 1908 against the Detroit Tigers. This means that the Cubs have gone 102 years since winning a World Series Title. This is the longest championship drought in all of sports...The Cubs haven't even appeared in a World Series since 1945 (the end of WWII).

Who is the kid who wrecked the cubs chances to make the World Series?

YOUR SON! You shouldn't allow Marlins fans to sit right next to the field like that!!

Did the Chicago Cubs win the World Series in 2010?

The Chicago Cubs beat the Chicago White Sox 6-5 on June 18. 2009. It was a home game for the Cubs.

Did the mets win the 1998 World Series?

The Mets did not even make it to the playoffs that year. The NL East champion was the Braves. The wild card team was the Chicago Cubs.

At what stadium did Babe Ruth make his called shot?

Supposedly, Ruth called his shot in a World Series game against the Cubs in Wrigley Field. The incident occured on October 1, 1932, in the third game of the Series. Oddly enough it was Ruth's last World Series home run in his career.

What was the last year the New York Yankees didn't make the World Series?

The Yankees didn't make the World Series in 2010.

What did world series winners make?


Who is the worst baseball player in the world?

Zach is the worst at baseball because he cant catch cant throw cant run cant see and cant make the team