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It depends on who you use as your league manager software, check with the customer service people at the website you use.

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Q: Why are you locked in NFL Fantasy Football genius?
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Is an NFL fantasy football team free?


When does the NFL fantasy football 2008 game open on the site?

It already has. Fantasy Football Hall of Fame @ is the bomb!

Why is there undroppable players on nfl fantasy football?

so there is catz

Where can one find fantasy football projections?

Fantasy football projections are available all over the Internet. Bleacher Report provides fantasy football projections for Arizona. The NFL official website is also a good source to find fantasy football projections.

How many fantasy football teams are on

The number of fantasy football teams changes daily as more users sign up and create teams. There are thousands of users who use the NFL site to play fantasy football.

Where can a person find Fantasy Football pools similar to Yahoos?

CBS Sports and The official NFL site offer fantasy football pools that are similar to Yahoo. ESPN and The Sports Network also offer fantasy football pools to join.

Do Fantasy sports TV shows exist?

Yes, I know of two. One is on CBS every Sunday before NFL football and it's called "Fantasy Football Week". There is also one on ComcastSportsNet called "Fantasy Focus" and that's on Thursday nights during the NFL season.

When does fantasy football 2010 start?

September 15th 2010 is the first nfl game

Why can I only make roster changes on NFL Fantasy football on my PC and phone but not my Mac?

Most likely its because the fantasy football software does not offer support for the MAC system you are using.

Can you use a mac for a fantasy football draft?

Yes. I've been in Yahoo, ESPN, CBS Sportsline and NFL Fantasy Drafts all on a Mac.

When will nfl rush zone fantasy football 2010 come out? Fantasy Football 2010 will come out right before the first weekend of the new regular season. I'd start looking for it beginning September 7.

Who would you start janikowski or bironas in fantasy football?

Bironas. He's one of the best kickers in the NFL year in and year out.