Why are there 2 first base lines?

Updated: 12/16/2022
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Well, there aren't really. The line to the left is the first base line and the line to the right is the 'out of bounds' line. These two lines form the 'restraining box' and when a runner runs to first base they are supposed to stay within this box. If the runner runs outside of the restraining box they can be ruled out for interference should a thrown ball hit them.

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Q: Why are there 2 first base lines?
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What 2 lines are the base lines for measurements of earths surface?

The equator and the Greenwich meridian.

How many parallel lines and angles does a pyramid have?

Depending upon the base, it will either have no parallel sides or up to (number of sides ÷ 2) sets of 2 parallel lines. The number of angles depends upon the base and is 3 × (base + 1).

What does the math symbol that is a Y with 2 lines through the base stand for?

Japanese yen.

Has a triangle got 2 lines of symmetry and 2 lines of rotational symmetry?

First of all, your grammar is terrible. The question should be "Does a triangle have 2 lines of symmetry and 2 lines of rotational symmetry? and the answer is no. A triangle can not have 2 lines of rotational symmetry, because you only rotate the image, you do not use any lines.

What does base of a polygon?

A polygon is a 2-dimensional figure bounded by three or more straight lines. Any one of its sides may be considered a base.

How do you find the second base of a trapezoid when given the first base the height and the area?

Let the second base be x: 0.5*(first base+x)*height = area x = (2*area/height) - first base

What are base lines on a drawing?

It all depends on your drawing, they all need different sets of base lines, as in anime people need base lines to draw the head, the horizontal line is used for the eyes.

The first lines in the book twilight?

the first lines are : my mother drove me to the airport with the windows rolled down. it was seventy-five degrees in Phoenix , the sky perfect, cloudless blue. those are the first 2 lines of the book. :)

Can you draw a quadrilateral with a base of 7cm and base angles of 55 degrees and 82 degrees with 2 sets of parallel lines?

Consecutive angles of a parallelogram must be supplementary. The length of the base is irrelevant.

How many faces have pairs of parallel lines in decagonal prism?

12 faces. The number of parallel lines will depend on whether or not the prism is regular and right. In a regular right prism there are 10 parallel edges along the "length". 10 parallel lines make 45 pairs (1-2, 1-3, 1-4, ... 2-3, 2-4, ... etc). Each line at a base has one parallel line at the same base and two at the opposite base. Each such quartet makes 6 pairs of parallel lines and there are 5 such quartets - so 30 pairs of parallel lines in the bases. That makes a grand total of 75 pairs of parallel lines.

How do you find the area of a regular pyramid?

For a regular pyramid, the surface area (SA) is the following: SA= Area of Base + 1/2 [Perimeter x Side Length] As you know, the area of the base is the flat part of the pyramid which points the vertical lines to one point: above the center of the base. You need to find the perimeter of the base first, and then find the side length via Pythagorean Theorem (a^2 + b^2 = c^2). Finally, plug them into the equation above, and you'll have your answer.

Who has the first lines in Act 1 Scene 2 of Macbeth?