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It's basic physics and depends on the speed of the swing, the mass of the bat,(kinetic energy) and the angle at which the ball was hit. The direction the ball travels largely depends on whether the swing was early or late (angle change) but you must also consider ball rotation, wind speed (and the occasional Simply put lets say the ball was thrown at a tremendous speed and therefore had more kinetic energy then your swing. It would then be you and your bat changing speed and direction instead of the ball.

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Q: Why are the speed and direction of a ball changed when a batter hits the ball?
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Why does a golf ball accelerates when either if speed or direction changes?

A change in speed or direction of a golf ball causes a net force to act on it. According to Newton's second law of motion, this net force results in an acceleration of the golf ball in the direction of the applied force. This acceleration causes the golf ball to speed up or change its direction.

How does the batter change the direction of where the ball is batted?

Once a ball has been batted, he/she may not do anything to change the course of the ball.

What happens to a soccer ball if you apply a force?

If you apply a force to a soccer ball, it will accelerate in the direction of the force. The speed and direction of the ball will depend on the magnitude and direction of the force applied.

How do you pitch a Wiffle Ball?

By throwing the ball in the general direction of the batter with an intent to make him/her miss and "wiff" at the pitch.

When a footballer heads a ball his head puts a force on it This force affects the ball in 3 ways What are they?

When a footballer heads a ball, the force applied affects the ball by causing it to change direction, speed, and rotation.

What is the horizontal component of the initial velocity of the ball?

The horizontal component of the initial velocity of the ball is the velocity in the horizontal direction at the moment the ball is launched. It represents the speed and direction at which the ball is moving side-to-side.

What does a golf ball do when either it's speed or direction changes?

The Golf ball Stops

When you throw a ball your hand applies blank to the ball?

When you throw a ball, your hand applies force to the ball. The force propels the ball forward, giving it speed and direction.

Picture a ball traveling at a constant speed around the inside of a circular structure Is the ball accelerating?

Yes, the ball is accelerating because acceleration refers to any change in speed or direction of an object, regardless of whether the speed is constant. In this case, the ball is constantly changing its direction as it moves around the circular structure, leading to a change in velocity and therefore acceleration.

How will the speed of a ball thrown upward and a ball thrown downward compare upon striking the ground?

The speed of a ball thrown upward upon striking the ground will be the same as the speed at which it was thrown, but in the opposite direction. The speed of a ball thrown downward upon striking the ground will be faster than the speed at which it was thrown due to the acceleration from gravity.

What would an observer on the ground obtain for speed of a ball on a train?

Just add or subtract (depending on the direction) the speed of the ball (in relation to the train) to the speed of the train (in relation to the ground). The above assumes the speeds are not close to the speed of light; if they are, more complicated formulae are required.

In 1937 or so was there a softball rule that let the batter run to third base if he hit the ball?

a runner may run in either direction..........he must get to first ahead of the ball. It's a long way in the other direction..............