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Q: Why are the leaves on your peace lily curling up?
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Is the water lily half-submerged?

A water lily is fully submerged an sends its leaves and flowers up to the surface.

Why are the leaves on your black currant bushes curling up in May?

some of my blackcurrant bushes have big bud is there a cure.

What is an Amazon lily?

An Amazon lily is either of two species of plant:Eucharis amazonica, with tight, compact rosettes of green leaves and tall spikes of white, fragrant flowers.Victoria amazonica, a water lily with circular leaves up to eight feet in diameter with large white female flowers.

The leaves of giant water lily can grow to four meters in length true or false?

True. The leaves of the giant water lily, scientifically known as Victoria Amazonica, can indeed grow up to four meters in length. These large leaves help the plant to float on water while providing shade for aquatic creatures below.

What causes more damage to your hair curling it with a flat iron or curling it with a curling iron?

Curling It With A Curling Iron Damages Your Hair More . _____________ Whichever tool is turned up to the highest temperature will be the more damaging one.

How tall do lily pads grow?

They can grow up to 4-5 metres across.

What is the difference between a waterlily and a lotus?

No, they are different types of flowers altogether. Lilies grow from bulbs, they are classified as monocots, and they are perennials. Sunflowers grow from seeds, they are classified as dicots, and they are annuals.

What is the difference between water lily and lotus?

Water lilies have round, flat leaves that float on the water's surface, while lotus plants have leaves that are more upright and held above the water. Additionally, water lilies bloom with flowers that float on the water, while lotus flowers are held above the water on tall stalks.

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Is curling your hair conduction?

Yes, curling your hair with a curling iron involves conduction. The curling iron heats up through conduction as the heat is transferred from the hot metal barrel to the hair, causing it to curl.

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they adapt by curling up there tail

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