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the answer is that people wanted their children to be smart and have good future lives

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Q: Why are people so strict in the olden days?
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How do people save in the olden days?

In the olden days there were no banks so people used to keep their money under their heads

Why did people in the olden days look so ugly?


Why did transportation start?

Transportation started because the gaols were overflowing. The gaols were overflowing because lots of criminals were becoming prisons for small crimes like stealing clothes or food. They also caused big crimes like killing people. In the olden days, the rules were really strict so there was no charging people like we do today.

How railroads work in olden days?

It hard to say so forget about it .......hehehe

Why is a lunar month longer than the days it takes the moon to orbit the earth?

because in the olden days people usedto think the year was 336 days long insted of 365 days so every month was 28 days

Why is is this bisexual people so many nowadays comparing to olden days?

It could be modern diet and lifestyle means imbalance of hormones so a person is not completely hetro or gay.

Why were things so cheap in the olden days?

because they didn't a lot of money back then.

Is honey straight from the hive safe to eat?

yes it is, in fact, in the olden days, people used to chew on it - it was supposed to protect them from all allergies!:)

What were dolls made of in the olden days?

mainly wooden ones but only wealthy people could afford them, so the poor children made dolls out of grass and hay.

Why did people put pennies in their penny loafer shoes?

For a decorative touch but in the olden days it was also so school children could make an emergency call home.

How did you become a monk?

in the olden days people believed that religion was more importatn than anything else, so most people dedicated themselves to their religions. thats what monks were and you choose to become one.

Why in the olden days was it so hard to find work?

Because they didn't have the stuff we have now so it was hard to find a lot of things.