Why Is UNC so good?

Updated: 10/27/2022
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Theyre not!!!!!!!

thats not even a question cause theyre not good

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Q: Why Is UNC so good?
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Why is UNC good?

Theyre not good A real question is why is duke so awesome

Is unc a good school?


How did the aztecs survive?

what is unc unc unc unc unc can someone give the answer ultimate fighting championship is on tonight!!!

Who has more championships duke or unc?

Duke has 18, UNC has 17.

What available jobs are in UNC?

Available jobs at UNC include janitor, administrative assistant, receptionist, switchboard operator and bookstore cashier. To apply for these jobs you can do so in person at UNC or on their website.

How old is unc?

UNC in Chapel Hill was started in 1789. So it is 219 years old. 2008 -1789 219 GO TAR HEELS!!! UNC started in 1789 and it is 2008. 2008 - 1789 = 219 years old

How good is UNC?

Terrible they might make it to the tournament this year if they are lucky. Go Duke!!!

What is the value of 1822 large cent?

1822 Large Cent: Good..................$25 Very Good...........$30 Fine....................$45 Very Fine.............$100 Extremely Fine.....$275 Almost Unc..........$550 Uncirculated........$1,000 Choice Unc..........$1,750

Who has sent more players to the NBA UK or UNC?


When was Unc Nunkie created?

Unc Nunkie was created in 1913.

What is the population of UNC?

the current population of UNC is 28,000 students.

Who was the founder of unc?

the general assembly is the founder of UNC in 1789