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Paraguay. They lost 1-0 to Argentina in the final.

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Q: Who won the silver medal in the 2004 Olympics in soccer?
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What did Gail Emms and Nathan Robertson achieve at the 2004 olympics?

silver medal

Which country won the gold medal in soccer at the 1960 Summer Olympics?

do you mean who one the most medals in the Olympics 2004? if u do then i think it was Athens/Greece

Which Indian won the silver medal in the 2004 Athens Olympics?

Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore (shooting).

How many medals did Paraguay win in 2004 Olympics?

1 ... a silver medal in men's football.

In which Olympics did Amir Kahn win a silver medal?

2004 Games in Athens. He won silver in men's lightweight boxing.

What country won the silver medal in the 2004 Olympics in women's gymnastics?

The United States in the team competition.

How many medals did paraguay win in the 2004 Olympics?

1 ... a silver medal by the men's football team.

Did India won only one medal in Olympics 2004?

Yes. That was a silver medal won by Rajyavardhan Rathore in men's double trap shooting.

Who got the mens trap shooting silver medal in the 2008 Olympics?

Giovanni Pellielo (Italy) won the silver in the men's trap shooting at the Beijing Olympics with a score of 143.It was his third consecutive men's trap olympic medal after he won the Bronze in 2000 and Silver in 2004.

How long has Mohini Bhardwaj been in the Olympics?

Mohini Bhardwaj participated in one Olympics, the 2004 Games in Athens, and won a silver medal in Team Competition.

What is cat ostermans?

Catherine Leigh "Cat" Osterman born April 16, 1983, is an American athlete and was one of the pitchers on the USA Women's Softball Team which won the gold medal at the 2004 Summer Olympics and the silver medal in the2008 Summer Olympics. (Wikipedia)

How many silver medals did France win in the 2004 Athens Olympics?

In the 2004 Olympics France won 9 Silver Medals.