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At the 2004 Olympic Games, Argentina won gold in men's football and the United States won gold in women's football.

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Q: Who won the latest gold medal for soccer?
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Who won the 2008 Beijing soccer medal?

Argentina won the 2008 Beijing gold medal for soccer after beating Nigeria in the Gold Medal Match.

Who won the 2012 Olympian gold medal in soccer?


Has Argentina won soccer in the Olympics?

Yes Argentina have won a gold medal at the Olympics.

Who won gold medal in men's soccer Olympics 2008?


Which country won gold medal in soccer in 1996 Olympics?


Who won the gold medal in soccer at the 2004 Olympic Games?


Who won the gold in the women's soccer debut at the 1996 Summer Olympics?

The US women's soccer team won the gold medal in the first ever women's soccer event.

Who won the 2008 olympic men's soccer siler and gold medals?

Argentina won the gold medal, Nigeria won the silver.

Who won the 2004 olympic gold medal for women's soccer?

The United States.

Which country won the first gold medal in soccer?

Great Britain in 1900.

What Team that won gold medal in soccer Olympics in 1908?

Great Britain

Who won the 1996 gold medal in womens soccer?

The United States Women's Soccer team won the Gold medal at the 1996 Olympics