Who won cardinals or Saints?

Updated: 12/20/2022
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Q: Who won cardinals or Saints?
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Who will win eagles or cardinals?

cardinals of course!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!its my opinion though.i know that eagles had 11-5 and cardinals had 10-6 but now eagles have 11-6 because they lost against cowboys and cardinals have 11-6 because they won packers.they are tied up.but if cardinals lose saints they will have 11-7but if they win they will have 12-6.eagles are out of the playoffs and cardinals are still in.but they could get out by losing saints or win saints and lose whoever won vikings vs cowboys but if they win both they will get into the super bowl.besides they have Kurt Warner who is hecka good.

On mlb who won on cardinals October 12 2014?

Cardinals won

How many regular season football games have the Carolina Panthers won this season 2009-10?

they won 8 games they beat the Redskins,Bucs,Cardinals,Falcons,Bucs,Vikings,Giants,saints

Who won the semi-finals in footy out of saints and pies?

SAINTS!! WOOOTT GO SAINTS! yess the saints won by 34 points :)

Who will win against the saints or cardinals?

I am going to say the Saints. The way the Cardinals defense did against the Packers, i think Breeze will have a field day picking them apart!

How many Super Bowls have cardinals won?

The Cardinals have never won the Super bowl.

Who won the battle of the saints?

The delighfully wonderful battle of the saints was won by the British!!!!

What are the release dates for NFL Follow Your Team Saints - 2007 Week 15 Cardinals at Saints Game Highlights?

NFL Follow Your Team Saints - 2007 Week 15 Cardinals at Saints Game Highlights was released on: USA: December 2007

Who won superbowl 44?

The New Orleans Saints defeated the Indianapolis Colts 31-17. The game will forever be memorable for a gutsy onside kick to open the third quarter by the Saints, who subsequently recovered and went on to score.

Have the saints won a Super Bowl?

yes in 2010YES!!! The Saints won the supper bowl!!! YAY!!!!

How many Super Bowls the saints won?

The Saints have only won the Super Bowl once.

How many games has the cardinals won in 2012?

the cardinals have won 57 games and lost 49 as of august 3rd