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Dizzy Dean

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Q: Who was the youngest St. Louis Cardinal pitcher to complete and win both games of a doubleheader?
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Who is the winniniest cardinal pitcher in the 1990's?

Matt morris

Who was the youngest Red Sox pitcher?

Clay Bucholz

What cardinal pitcher holds the most strikeouts in a game?

bob gibsom

Who pitched both games in a doubleheader against the New York Yankees and lost them both?

On July 20, 1973, Wilbur Wood of the White Sox started both games of a doubleheader and lost them both. He had a record that year of 24-20, the last A.L. pitcher to go 20-20.

What was cardinal pitcher mulder's first name?

Mark Mulder was a pitcher for the St Louis Cardinals. He retired from the team in 2008.

Who was the youngest pitcher to throw a perfect game?

Yom Om

Who was the youngest pitcher to record 500 strikeouts?

Dwight Gooden

Who was the youngest Dodger pitcher to win 20 games in a season?

Fernando Valenzuela

Who is the youngest Phillies player of 2009?

Youngest active Phillie is pitcher Antonio Bastardo, age 24, DOB 9/21/85

Which Cardinal pitcher holds the record for most strikeouts in a post-season game?

bob gibson

Who was last pitcher to start two games in a row?

Justin Verlander this year at both ends of AS break. July 1973 Wilber Wood started both games of doubleheader against NYY

Who was the youngest pitcher to ever win a major league game for Philadelphia?

For the Phillies: Cliff Lee is the youngest player at 24 years of age ... For the Pirates: Jim Waugh is the youngest at 18 years of age ...