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Brandon Jacobs

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Q: Who was the tallest NFL Running Back right now?
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How tall is the tallest running back in NFL?

6 ft tall

Who is the tallest active NFL Running Back?

Brandon Jacobs of the New Yourk Giants at 6'4", I think.

Who is the worst running back in NFL 2009?

Right now Ahmen Green is not the best.

Who is the tallest corner back currently in the NFL now?

antonio cromrartie

How much does the average running back make in a year?

The average running back in the NFL makes around .9-1.2 million a year in the NFL

Who is the oldest NFL running back?


Who is the slowest running back in the NFL of 2010?

Either lendale white or running back for falcons

Who's the fastest running back in the NFL?

Ricky Willams, Darren Sproles, Adrean Peterson, reggie bush, chris Johnson but chris Johnson is faster and he is the best running back in the NFL right now. BUT SOON TO BE NEXT CHRIS JOHNSON (CJ SPILLERS)

Who is Brian Westbrook?


What is the annual salary of a NFL running back?


Who is the richest running back in the NFL?

Peyton Manning

Who is the best running back football player in the NFL?

In History Jim Brown.In the NFL right now Adrian Peterson, Arian Foster, or Chris Johnson all are really good.