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Mohandar Amarnath took first wicket in world cup 1975

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Madan Lal from India.

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Q: Who was the player to take first wicket in world cup 1975?
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Who was the 1st cricketer to be out hit wicket in world cup?

In the T20 world cup, David Obuya of Kenya was out hit wicket on 12 September 2007. In the 1975 World Cup R.C. Fredericks (of West Indies) was out on 21 June.

Who is the best wicket hunter in first ICC cricket world cup 1975?

Australian bowler Gary Gilmour took most of the wickets. He took total 11 wickets.

Who got highest wicket in ICC 1975 world cup cricket?

Gary Gilmour of Australia got the highest, 11 wickets in 2 matches in Cricket World Cup, 1975

Who played the First match of world cup cricket 1975?

India vs England was the first match of world cup 1975.England won the match.

Who won the first icc world?

west indies won the first world cup in 1975

When was first icc world cup started which year?

1975. It was won by West Indies.

Who was the first winner of the cricket World Cup?

West Indies won the first world cup in 1975

Who scored first century in the first world cup?

DENNIS AMISS scored first world cup century in world cup history in 1975

Where was the first cricket World Cup held in 1975?


When did India first played world cup cricket?


When India won first hockey world cup?


Who bowled the first ball of of the first world cup?

The first ball in the first cricket world cup was bowled by Madan Lal in 1975 Cricket World Cup.