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Q: Who was the last welsh speaking footballer to win the world cup?
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Who started the Welsh not?

The Welsh Not, also known as the Welsh Not, was started by British colonial authorities in Wales as a form of punishment to discourage the speaking of the Welsh language in schools. It was a wooden plaque or stick that was passed among students caught speaking Welsh, with the last person holding it at the end of the day facing punishment.

You want to know the best footballer of the year?

The last world footballer of the year is lionnel messi of argentina.

What is the plural of the last name Welsh?

The plural of the last name Welsh is "Welshes."

Welsh actor who was Q 007 films?

Desmond Llewellyn. His last appearance was in The World Is Not Enough.

How came the English language to wales?

When the English took Wales they enforced the language - Until 1030 in some areas of Wales any pupil found speaking welsh not English as forced to wear a sign (the welsh not) around their neck this pointed out welsh was not be to be spoken . The last person in the day to wear the sign was canned

When was the last time a Manchester city footballer played at a world cup finals?

Type your answer here... a long time ago

How long does the welsh eisteddfod last?

The Welsh Eisteddfod lasts for seven days.

Can the Celtic languages survive?

I can't say about other Celtic languages, but Welsh, I would say, is getting stronger. Since the 80s the Welsh Language is being learned at schools. Don't forget that at one time English law prevented Welsh being spoken at schools and if you spoke Welsh you had to wear a small wooden plank and the one got to wear it last of the school day got beaten by a cane. Some jobs are advertised in Welsh to increase the Welsh-speaking work force.

What was 'Llywelyn the Last's' name in Welsh?

Llywelyn the Last's name in Welsh was Llywelyn ap Gruffudd.

What has the author Jeanette Welsh written?

Jeanette Welsh has written: 'The last rose of summer'

Who is last African footballer of real Madrid?


Who is the last English footballer of real Madrid?