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Bart starr

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Q: Who was the first rookie quarterback to win a home game?
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Rookie to hit two home runs in a World Series game?

In Game 1 of the 1996 World Series, rookie Andruw Jones of the Atlanta Braves hit home runs in his first two at bats.

What Atlanta Braves rookie hit three home runs in a game?

jeff francour

What game did Don Zimmer hit 2 home runs as a rookie?

Zimmer hit two home runs in a game 3 times during his rookie season (1955) .... July 20 against the Cubs, August 3 against the Braves, and September 9 against the Cubs.

How many home runs did johnny bench hit in is first year?

he hit 15 home runs in his rookie season.

What NFL Quarterback has the best win percent in home playoff games 5 game minimum?

Tom Brady

In his first year playing baseball this black person was named Rookie of the Year and hit 12 home runs that year and had a 297 batting range?

Jackie Robinson - 1st ROYJackie Robinson in his rookie season with the Brooklyn Dodgers had a .297 batting average, hit 12 home runs, and was the first winner of the Major League Rookie of the Year Award.

When did kent hrbek start his career?

Kent Hrbek played his first professional game on August 24th, 1981 against the New York Yankees and actually hit his first home run that same game. Since he joined the Twins midway through the year, his official "Rookie" year was not until the 1982 season.

What is the Braves franchise record for home runs by a rookie?

The Braves franchise record for home runs by a rookie is 38 by Wally Berger in 1930.

Who was the baseball rookie who hit three home runs in his first series?

* Andruw Jones, Atlanta Braves (vs. NYY) * Charlie Keller

Who was the first Dallas Cowboys quarterback to throw for more than 400 yards in a single game?

On November 10, 1963, Cowboys quarterback Don Meredith completed 30 of 48 pass attempts for 460 yards in a 31-24 road loss to the San Francisco 49ers. It stood as the franchise record for passing yardage in a game until October 6, 2013. On that date, Dallas quarterback Tony Romo went 25 of 36 for 506 yards and five touchdowns in a 51-48 home loss to the Denver Broncos.

Who hit the first home run in the Metrodome?

The first baseball game in the Metrodome was an exhibition game, played April 3, 1982, between the Twins and the Philadelphia Phillies. Kent Hrbek of the Twins hit the first home run in that game and, therefore, the first home run in Metrodome history. The first regular season baseball game played in the Metrodome was April 6, 1982 between the Twins and Seattle Mariners. The first home run hit in that game was by Dave Engle of the Twins and, therefore, is the first home run hit in a regular season game in Metrodome history.

Who is the best rookie of alltime?

In the NBA the best rookie has to go to Larry Bird's rookie season. the MLB the best rookie is probably Babe Ruth's home run rookie record. In the NFL the best rookie was most likely Jim Brown who not only gained over five hundred yards but was named MVP.