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England between Australia

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Q: Who was the first person to play reverse sweep in cricket?
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Can you swap your hands around to play a shot like a reverse sweep once the ball has been bowled in cricket?


Has sachin tendulkar ever played a reverse sweep shot?

No Sahine Tendulkar ever played a reverse sweep shot.

What is the origin of the word sweep in sports?

Sweep is a particular shot of a batsman in cricket. It has semblance with sweeping the floor with water.Due to this reason, this particular short has been so named.

Is the gray niccols dual t20 cricket bat good?

I've got one. I've never played a reverse sweep with it. Never used the back of it. But nonetheless it has a good sweet spot with good hitting power and feels nicely balanced in the hands.

What is a chimney sweep?

a person who cleans chimneys

Is the gray-niccols dual t20 cricket bat good?

It's not terrible, but there is better value for money. The reverse side is supposed to be for reverse sweeping, but I find it easier to rotate the bat anyway. Besides, it's a bit of a w@nk shot to play anyway. its bad value, how many times would you reverse sweep?? it will only work 1 time out of 10, you may as well get a normal bat, and focus playing in the "v"

What is some football plays?

flea flicker, Fumble rusky, reverse, double reverse, half back option, Hail mary, screen, sweep, dive, scramble

How do you play reverse sweep in EA Sports Cricket 2007?

just press up & left arrow key along with 's' simultaneously. ,ake sure that the ball is full pithed outside the off stump... most imp ting is dat ur timing shd b perfect

How do you judge an lbw when a batsman is playing the reverse sweep?

The shot played or attempted means nothing. If it pitched and struck the pad in line, without being nicked first, and was below an acceptable height, then it is lbw. Otherwise, it is not.

What is a sweep in a best of 7 basketball game?

A sweep would be a team winning the first 4 games of the series

What was Louis Sachar's first job?

his first job was a chimmney sweep

What was Louis Sachar's first job?

his first job was a chimmney sweep