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William H. "Billy" Sullivan (9/13/1915 to 2/231998) was the founder of the New England Patriots. He was awarded the 8th franchise in the newly founded American Footabll league.
The Patriots were founded in 1960 by Billy Sullivan Jr.

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The first general manager of the Boston Patriots was Edward "Ed" McKeever. McKeever was hired in the winter of 1960 by William "Billy" Sullivan, who was awarded the 8th and final AFL Franchise in November of 1959. Ed McKeever held the position of General Manager for the 1960 and 1961 seasons, when he was replaced by Mike Holovak. The 1960 Boston Patriots Front Office: Owner: William "Billy" Sullivan GM: Ed McKeever Director/Player Personnel: Mike Holovak Head Coach: Lou Saban

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William "Billy" Sullivan, Jr was the founder and owner of the Patriots when they were established in 1959.

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Billy Sullivan.

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Q: Who was the first owner of the patriots?
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