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The first head coach of the Arizona Cardinals professionally was Paddy Driscoll.

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Q: Who was the first coach in AZ Cardinals NFL History?
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Who was the first NFL coach for the NFL football team cardinals?

The Cardinals' first season in the NFL was 1920 and their head coach was Paddy Driscoll. He was head coach from 1920-1922.

Which coach became the winningest coach in NFL history while with the Dolphins?

Which coach became the winningest coach in NFL history while with the Dolphins

Was art shell the first black NFL head coach?

In the modern era, yes.Fritz Pollard was a player/coach of the 1921 Akron Pros and would be considered the first African American head coach in NFL history.

The NFC Coach of the Year in 1978 was?

* Dick VermeilIn 1969, Dick Vermeil became the first special teams coach in NFL history.

Who is the worst coach in NFL history?

paul johnson

Who is the best coach in the history of the nfl?

Tony Dungy forever!

Who was the head coach of the Dolphins from 1970-1995?

Don Shula, the winningest coach in NFL history.

In 2000 who was the NFL Coach of the Year?

Jim Haslett guided the Saints to their first playoff win in team history in 2000.

Are the Green Bay Packers the oldest team in the NFL?

No, the Arizona Cardinals are. The Cardinals began as an amateur club in Chicago in 1898. They disbanded in 1906 only to reform in 1913. They are one of two teams that played in the NFL's first season (1920) that are playing today and were known as the Chicago Cardinals. (The Chicago Bears are the other; in 1920 they were known as the Decatur Staleys.) The Packers were founded in 1919 and joined the NFL in 1921. Click on the 'Arizona Cardinals History' link below to read about the history of the Cardinals.

Why is it called the lambardi trophy?

It is called the Lombardi Trophy after Vince Lombardi, coach of the Green Bay Packers who won the first two Superbowls and is considered the greatest coach in NFL history.

What is the first NFL team?

Arizona cardinals (at that time the where known as st. Luis cardinals)

Who was first to have name on NFL jersey?

Chicago Cardinals