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i don't know who made it, but i know who first wore a goalie mask. well back then, they didn't like to wear masks< but they got injured tons of times. Jaques Plante, a goalie for the Montreal canadaians got hit in the face and was injured. however he needed to continue the game because his back up wasn't there. Jaque practiced with a small wood mask for months but never used it in a game. He had no choice. He wore it, continued to wear it, and it got around the nhl.

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The first masked man between the pipes was a woman who played for Queens University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada in 1927.

Her name was Elizabeth Graham and she wore a Fencing mask when her father had invested a lot of money to give her a nice set of teeth and wasn't about to let them be knocked out during a hockey game.

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Q: Who was the first Toronto Maple Leaf to wear a goalie mask?
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