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That was the Akron Pros (Fritz Pollard) and the Rock Island Independants (Bobby Marshall) in the 1920 season, the first season of the League.

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Q: Who was the first NFL team to ger a black player?
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What was the last team to draft a black player in the NFL?


When did NFL accept the first black players?

Charles Follis was believed to be the first black player in the NFL from 1902 to 1906. Between 1920 and 1926, there were only nine black people that played in the NFL, making Fritz Pollard and Bobby Marshall the first black players in the NFL in 1920.

Picture of the first black football player in the nfl?

Fritz Pollard

First black nfl player?

Fritz Pollard and Bobby Marshall --> 1920

Who was the first NFL player not to wear black cleats?

Billy "White Shoes" Johnson, a famous return specialist for the houston oilers was the first NFL player to wear withe cleats.

What college did NFL player Larry Black play for?

NFL player Larry Black played for Indiana.

What was the first NFL football team in Indianapolis?

The first NFL team in Indianapolis is the Colts.

How much does NFL player Larry Black weigh?

NFL player Larry Black weighs 302 pounds.

Who was the first player in the NFL when the NFL started?

the nfl started in 1936 and the first player was Jay Berwanger

When a former NFL player is elected to the NFL Hall of Fame what determines the team he goes in as?

The team of his choice.

Do you have to sign with NFL team that drafts you?

No, a player does not have to sign with the NFL team that drafted him. He can choose to not sign the contract.

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That 'C' on a player's jersey indicates the player is one of the captains of the team. Almost always in the NFL, a team's starting quarterback is one of the captains of the team.