Who was the first NBA commissioner?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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The first 'commissioner' of the NBA was Walter Kennedy, who was given the title in 1967. However, before the title 'commissioner' was used, that position was called 'president'. The first president of the NBA was Maurice Podoloff, who held the position between 1946-1963.

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The first president of the NHL (called president until Gary Bettman became the first to be called a commisioner) was Frank Calder. He served as NHL President from 1917 to 1943 when he died. The Calder trophy is named after him.

The 2nd president was Red Dutton. He served from 1943 to 1946.

Clarence Campbell was the 3rd president. He served from 1946 to 1977. He was the NHL's longest serving president.

John Ziegler was the 4th president, serving from 1977 to 1992.

He was succeeded by Gil Stein who served for only 1 year. He was the 5th and last NHL president.

Gary Bettman is replaced Gil Stein as the NHL's top executive. The job of president was renamed to commissioner in 1993.

Fun fact: Gary Bettman became commissioner before Gil Stein resigned. For one month there was both a commissioner and a president. Stein soon realized that

there was no point for the NHL to have two top executives and resigned in late 1993.

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Q: Who was the first NBA commissioner?
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