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Jim Thorpe was the first president (they weren't called commissioners for a few years) of the NFL.

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His name is Roger Goodell

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Roger Goodell

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Pete Rozelle.

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Q: Who was the commisioner of the NFL in 1920?
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what is the nfl commisioner's office email address?

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Where was NFL commisioner Roger Goodell born and raised?

Jamestown NY

In what year was the NFL founded?

The NFL officially began in 1920, according to "Football for Dummies" 3rd edition.

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A lot of the answers depends on opinoin i personally think it hurts the commisioner the most

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Trying to find out if there is a cabinet or staff progression of people that serve the NFL League. Is their a Vice President or a CEO, what is the current structure of the NFL League?

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Click on the 'NFL Rosters from 1920' link on this page to view rosters of every team in the NFL starting from 1920.

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The NFL was founded on August 20th, 1920.

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It was founded in 1920.