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  • Bill Hunter (1922)
  • Les Turner (1923-27)
  • Leo Calland (1928-29)
  • Sam Barry (1930-41, 1946-50)
  • Julie Bescos (1942)
  • Ernie Holbrook (1943-44)
  • Bobby Muth (1944-45)
  • Forrest Twogood (1951-66)
  • Bob Boyd (1967-79)
  • Stan Morrison (1980-86)
  • George Raveling (1987-94)
  • Charlie Parker (1994-1996)
  • Henvry Bibby (1996-2004)
  • Jim Saia (2004-05, interim head coach)
  • Tim Floyd (2005-09)
  • Kevin O'Neill (2009-present
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Q: Who was the coach of the USC college basketball team?
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