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Running back Robert Edwards was the Patriots player hurt in a flag football game at the Pro Bowl in 1998 at the tail end of his rookie year. Edwards was the Patriots first round selection (18th overall) in 1998, replacing Curtis Martin who jumped ship and signed with the rival New York Jets.

In his first season with the Patriots, Edwards rushed for 1,115 yards and scored 9 rushing touchdown's and 3 receiving touchdowns for the Patriots that year. At the Pro Bowl that year, he sustained a catostropic knee injury. At one point, the doctors thought they were going to have to amputate his lower leg.

Edwards, though, rebounded, and with two to three years of intensive rehab, made it back to the NFL. He signed with the Miami Dolphins and made the roster in 2002. He was awarded the Pro Football Writers Association Halas Award for the comeback player of the year.

Edwards was released by the Dolphins following the 2002 season. He was signed by the Montreal Alouettes and played with them from 2005-2007. He was released by the Alouettes in 2007, and was picked up by the Toronto Argonauts for the 2007 season.

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Q: Who was the New England Patriots rookie running back hurt in flag football game at pro bowl?
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