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Gordie Howe

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Q: Who was the Detroit red wing that shadowed bobby hulls Chicago black hawk?
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Who won the Lady Byng Trophy in 1965?

1964-65 Bobby Hull Chicago Black Hawks

Who is the most known retired Chicago Blackhawks player?

# 4 - Bobby Orr. Disagree... the most famous retired Black Hawk is probably Bobby Hull (# 16, #7 and lastly # 9). He played far longer for Chicago than Orr did and with better statistics for the Black Hawks than Orr who was at the end of his career and suffering from bashed up knees by the time he was sent from Boston to Chicago. Bobby Orr will always be rememberd for what he did as a Bruin. Surreyfan

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yes he was

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Who is bobby Hull

When did Bobby Orr get traded to the Chicago Black Hawks in 1976-77?

He didn't. He left as a free agent in 1976