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Sir Alex Ferguson was the coach of Manchester United. He gave a great speech to his team before their defeat of Chelsea FC.

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A.H. Albut.

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Q: Who was the Coach of Manchester united who gave great motivational speech before the match against Chelsea?
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How many goals scored messi against Chelsea?

Messi has never scored against Chelsea before!!

Did john terry support Manchester Utd as a boy?

Before Joining Chelsea at the age of 14, he supported Manchester United

When was chicharitos first goal with Manchester United?

Chicharitos' first competitive goal for Manchester United came in the Community shield game against Chelsea in August 2010.He did score before that though for United in a pre season friendly in America.

Which player only played one game for Chelsea before transferring to Manchester united?

Mark hughes

How many season ticket holders does arsenal fc Manchester united fc Liverpool fc and Chelsea fc have respectively?

arsenal - 22000 (before emirates) Chelsea - 25000 manu - 67000

Which man united player only played 1 game for Chelsea before joining Manchester united?

Juan Sebastien Veron

Name the players who scored a goal in a fa cup final and went on to play for the team they scored against?

I can think of Mark Hughes, scored for Manchester United against Chelsea in 1994 before moving to them a season later. Frank Stapleton scored for Arsenal against Manchester United in the 1979 Final and moved to United in 1981. Kevin Keeganscored in 1974 for Liverpool against Newcastle United, and went on to play for them in 1982. That's all i can think of

How many winners of the uefa champions league were actually winners of their national league the year before?

3 (Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester United).

Which football team is the riches team?

In England the top four clubs are the richest. They are Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool. actually their owners are rich, Chelsea are a good example as they are over 700 million in debt, only their owner is rich, the same goes for Liverpool, all teams expect to win trophies to pay the debt they get like arsenal who are still trying to pay back on the emerites which is why they have no money to buy players and has to look for talented youngsters abroad

What was the name of the club against which Manchester United had played right before the crash?

Red Star Belgrade

When can you get Sunderland v Manchester United?

Manchester united play Chelsea in the champions league final on Wednesday the 21st may 2008. The two teams have already played twice this year in the premiership with a win going to each team. Manchester United 2 - 0 Chelsea Chelsea 2 - 1 Mancheser United : Scorers for Chelsea: Ballack pen, Ballack header United Scorers: Rooney

What club did Fernando Torres play for before moving to Chelsea?

Before moving to Chelsea he used to play for Liverpool FC P.S Liverpool suck and Chelsea rule