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Harry Gregg who retired in 1966 and alex stephney who was signed for man utd in 1966.

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The famous goalkeeper for England in their 1966 world cup was Gordan Banks.

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Gordon Banks.

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Q: Who was the 1966 world cup goalkeeper?
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Name of goalkeeper 1966 world cup?

England's goalkeeper in 1966 was Gordon Banks.

Who was englands third choice goalkeeper in the 1966 world cup?

Gordon Smith

Who was in goal for England in the would cup 1966?

The great Gordan Banks was the goalkeeper in 1966.

Who is the Italy goalkeeper in World Cup 2006?

The Italian goalkeeper in the 2006 world cup was Gianluighi Buffon.

Who was the goalkeeper for Germany when they played England in the 1966 world cup final?

Hans Tilkowski who played for Borussia Dortmund at the time.

What football team did Gordon banks play for when he won the world cup?

id Gordan Banks play as a goalkeeper for West Ham United. at the time of the 1966 world cup.

What footballer lost an eye and still went on to be one of the best known players?

The 1966 England goalkeeper Gordan banks lost a eye in a car accident, but he was the best goalkeeper he won the world cup that year.

Who was mexicos goalkeeper in 1994 world cup?

Mexico goalkeeper in 1994 was Jorge Campos.

Who was the Nigerian goalkeeper in world cup 2010?

Ike Shorunmu

Who was the goal keeper of Spain in FIFA World Cup?

The goalkeeper of Spain was the Real Madrid goalkeeper Lker Casillas.

In what county was the 1966 World Cup held?

The 1966 world cup was held in England.

What country hosted the World Cup in 1966?

England hosted the world cup in 1966.