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Between 1984 and 1988, White battled injuries and three backups for the starting job: Gary Hogeboom, Steve Pelluer and Kevin Sweeney. The Tom Landry era ended after the 1988 season, and new head coach jimmy Johnson installed rookies Troy Aikman and Steve Walsh as his quarterbacks.

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He had several, including Glenn Carano (1980-84), Gary Hogeboom (1980-85), Steve Pelluer (1984-88), Reggie Collier (1986), Paul McDonald (1986) and Kevin Sweeney (1987-88).

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Hall of Fame quarterback Roger Staubach.

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Q: Who was quarterback for cowboys after Danny white?
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Which former Cowboys quarterback was also the Cowboys punter?

Danny White

Which Cowboys quarterback's son committed suicide?

danny white's '

Who was the cowboys quarterback in 1982?

It was Danny White's third season as the Dallas Cowboys's signal caller.

Who was the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys prior to Troy Aikman?

Danny White #11

Did Danny Whie start for Cowboys in 1988 at all?

Did Danny White ever start as quarterback in 1988 at all thru the season?

Who was Dallas quarterback after Roger stauback?

It was Danny White. He was drafted by the Cowboys in 1976 and became a starter in 1980 after Staubach's retirement.

Who was the quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys after Roger Staubach?

Backups for Roger Staubach have been Craig Morton, Clint Longley, and Danny White. === Also, Glenn Carano was a third stringer from 1977-79, behind Staubach and White.

Who was the Dallas Cowboys quarterback in 2005?

Don Meredith Roger Staubach Craig Morton Clint Longley Danny White Gary Hogeboom

Who was Dallas Carter's quarterback in 1988?

I think that the 1988 QB for Dallas was Danny White...

Dan who quarterbacked cowboys?

That would be Danny White, who QB'ed the Cowboys from 1976-1988.

Who was the starting QB for Dallas Cowboys in 1987?

Roger Staubach played 125 games at quarterback for the Cowboys during the 1970s and led them to two Super Bowl victories.

What former player wore jersey number 11 for the dallas cowboys?

Here is a list of Cowboys players who have worn No. 11 since 1960: 1. Don Heinrich, quarterback (1960). 2. Buddy Humphrey, quarterback (1961). 3. Sonny Gibbs, quarterback (1963). 4. Danny Villanueva, punter/placekicker (1965-67). 5. Bob Belden, quarterback (1969-70). 6. Danny White, quarterback, punter (1976-88). 7. Wade Wilson, quarterback (1995-97). 8. Mike Quinn, quarterback (1998-99). 9. Drew Bledsoe, quarterback (2005-2006). 10. Roy E. Williams, wide receiver (2008-2010). 11. Akwasi Owusu-Ansah, safety (2010). 12. Cole Beasley, wide receiver (2012-present).