Who was qb before vince young?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Steve McNair. McNair, however, was unceremoniously dumped before the 2006 season, and thus went to the Baltimore Ravens. Vince Young was drafted, but veteran backup Kerry Collins begane the season before being replaced by Young three games in.

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Q: Who was qb before vince young?
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Who is the only Texas QB to beat OU 4 times?

Vince Young

What QB is better vince young or Kerry Collins?


How tall is Tennese QB vince young?

6' 5"

Who is the current quarterback of the Tennessee Titans?

Vince Young is presently starting quarterback; Kerry Collins is presently his backup.

Is vince young more of RB than QB?

He seems a true hybrid of both, but in 2009 he showed noticable improvement in his quarterbacking ability.

First quarterback selected in the 2006?

The first QB selected in the 2006 NFL draft was Vince Young of the University of Texas, selected by the Tennessee Titans.

Who was the quarterback at Texas before colt mcoy?

Vince Young

Who is the fastest NFL qb?

Historically Michael Vick, however currently it would probably be Minnesota's Tarvaris Jackson or Vince Young if he plays next year.

Who is faster vince young or cam newton?

Vince Young

Who is better Michael Vick or vince young?

vince young

What was Steve Young's career QB rating?

Steve Young's career QB Rating was 96.8.

When was Vince Young born?

Vince Young was born on May 18, 1983.