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Ron Atkinson

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Q: Who was manager of man utd before alex furgoson?
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What is the man utd manager?

Alex Ferguson

Who was the longest serving manager for man united?

Alex Ferguson

How long has Sir alex been manager of Utd?

the great sir alex will be in charge of man utd for 22 years this year.

Who is the manager of Man U?

As of Roberto Mancini's sacking on May 13, 2013, Brian Kidd is the caretaker manager of Manchester City football club.

What year did alex Ferguson manage man utd?

Sir Alex Ferguson has managed man utd since November 1986.

Who is the first player sir alex Ferguson signs as man united manager?

brian mcclair brian mcclair

What Man united manager has won 3 European cups?

none alex Ferguson has only won it twice

How long has alex ferguson been man you manager?

25 years till 2011 as he started coaching in 1986..

What do you call the man that sits next to Sir Alex Ferguson on his left at matches?

Assistant Manager - Mike Phelan

Who did Sir Alex Ferguson replace as Man Utd manager?

Sir Alex Ferguson (though at the time he did not receive his knighthood yet) was appointed as Manchester United manager on 6 November 1986. He replaced Ron Atkinson.

When was Alex Man born?

Alex Man was born on 1957-07-25.

What is the Nationality of Man United Alex Bell?

The Nationality of Man United Alex Bell is Scotland.