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Florida 14-6. 10/6/2012. Go Gators!

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Q: Who was last team to beat LSU in football?
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Who was the last football team to beat LSU at home?


Who was the last team to beat lsu when they were ranked?


Who was the team that beat lsu at home?


Who is the team doctor for the LSU football team?

Jerry walden

Who won the last time Lsu played Iowa in football?

LSU won!

Which Louisiana colleges have beat lsu in football?

Tulane has defeated LSU 22 times in their series (LSU leads the all time series 69-22-7). Tulane's last win over LSU was in 1982 and LSU has won the last 18 meetings. Centenary defeated LSU in 1932, LaTech defeated LSU in 1904, and Loyola defeated LSU in 1922.

What team beat LSU in the Capital One bowl in 2009?

LSU was beat by Penn State Nitanny Lions by a score of 19 to 17

Who did lsu play in the 2007 national championship in college football?

In 2007 they beat Ohio State. In 2003 they beat Oklahoma.

How many wins does the LSU football team have?

As of the start of the 2008 season, LSU's all time record in football is 693-378-47.

Where is LSU football team located?

Baton Rouge, LA

When was last time LSU tigers beat Arkansas razorback in football?

The last time the LSU Tigers beat the Arkansas Razorbacks in football was November 29, 2009 in Baton Rouge, LA, 33-30 in ot. Kicker Alex Tejada missed a Field goal in the last seconds to send the game to ot. Arkansas won the coin toss and Played offense first. Alex Tejada missed another field goal. Then, LSU kicker Josh Jasper made a field goal to win the game for the Tigers. That was the last time the tigers beat the Razorbacks. Hopefully, it will be many more years before they beat them again.

College football team with most wins since 2005?