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Q: Who was Collingwood Football Clubs captain in 1990?
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What year did vfl stop and afl stop?

1989 - 1990 was the transition from VFL to AFL. The Collingwood football club won the first AFL premiership in 1990.

What year did collingwood win AFL?


Who was the coach of 1990 Collingwood AFL Premiers?

"Lethal" Leigh Matthews.

Who is football player Gary Linniger?

Gary Lineker is a former England captain and played his last world cup in 1990 , in Italy. He has been one player who never ever got a yellow or a red card in all his playing days. For both England and his clubs as well.

What is the nickname for Newcastle football team?

There are a few one is 'Toon Army' another is 'The Mighty Magpies' and finally in the 1990's 'The Entertainers

Who wore no 5 for Collingwood before Buckley?

Ron McKeown wore 5 from 1990 to 1993.

How many AFL premierships has Collingwood won in the last 50 years?

3, 1953, 1958 and 1990.

What are the release dates for Captain Skyhawk - 1990 VG?

Captain Skyhawk - 1990 VG was released on: USA: June 1990

Where was the first AFL grand final?

Melbourne Cricket Ground - 06/10/1990. 1990 was the 1st year as the 'AFL'. Previously the competition was known as the VFL (Victorian Football League. The name changed due to the expansion outside Victoria). The first 'VFL' Grand final was held at the Junction Oval on Sat 24-Sep-1898. There was no 'grand final' in the first VFL season (1897).

When was Captain Skyhawk created?

Captain Skyhawk was created in 1990.

When did Captain Skyhawk happen?

Captain Skyhawk happened in 1990.

When was Captain Falcon created?

Captain Falcon was created in 1990.