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Big Ben all day long he's the one who's goin 2 get da job done but that's just me

i have Matt and ben on my team and i started ben at the begginning of the year and he did nothing and then i put in Matt Ryan and he has given me 20 points week in and week out

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I think Brady only because he is playing the Broncos woh are good and Brady is on fire verse good teams.

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Q: Who to start week 10 Matt Ryan or Tom Brady?
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Should i start Matt Ryan or jay cutler in week six?

Matt Ryan

Who to start this week Matt Ryan or Matt hasselbeck?

Jamarcus Russell

Should you start aaron rogers or Matt Ryan week 17?

Ryan is the better qb, but hes gonna rest. rodgers is gonna step it up to make the playoffs, but against the tough Chicago defense. i would start rodgers only because Ryan will see limited action.

Who is a better start at QB in week 15 Matt Schaub or Matt Ryan?

It comes down to Schaub vs TEN or Ryan vs SEA. I would go with Schuab against a struggling 5-8 struggling defense.

How many come from behind victories does Matt Ryan have?

Tom Brady has 29 4th quarter come-from-behind victories in his career thru week 3 of the 2009 NFL season.

Matt Ryan or Tony Romo for week 2 fantasy football?

Definitely start Romo. He is going to take off this weekend! Even the experts say so.

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Who to start this week for your fantasy teamMatthew Stafford Eli Manning or Tom Brady?


Who should you start in Fantasy Football week 8?

My lineup is Matt Cassel Ryan Fitzpatrick Adrian Peterson Marshawn Lynch Matt Forte Reggie Wayne Brandon Lloyd Dwayne Bowe DeSean Jackson Pierre Garcon Kenny Britt Dan Carpenter Seattle Seahawks (Maximum 8 people)

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He was dating Megan Fox for a week, then they broke up. During the 2007 season he was dating that Gisel chick.