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Q: Who scored for norwich against bayern Munich?
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Who scored the throw in against Bayern Munich in 1982?

It was another German Football team, but who

Who scored the winner in the Champions League's final in 1999 against Bayern Munich?

Ole Solskjaer

Who scored the quickest goal in champions league?

It was Roy Makaay for Bayern Munich against Real Madrid....all it took was 10 seconds.

Who scored winning champion league goal 2012?

Didier Drogba scored the equaliser for Chelsea against Bayern Munich and then scored the winning penalty

Who scored when Manchester City defeated Bayern Munich in 2013?

David Silva, Aleksandar Kolarov, and James Milner scored for Manchester City. Thomas Muller and Mario Gotze scored for Bayern Munich.

Does the goalkeeper kick in the Kicks from the Mark tiebreaker?

Yes indeed. In fact, Manuel Neuer (Goalkeeper of Bayern Munich) actually scored a penalty for Bayern in the Champions League Final against Chelsea in the penalty shootout!

Who is Mario Götze?

He is a German footballer that plays for Bayern Munich as an attacking midfielder. He scored the winning goal in the 2014 World Cup Final against Argentina.

Who scored when Arsenal defeated Bayern Munich in 2013?

Olivier Giroud and Laurent Koscielny scored for Arsenal. Arsenal, however, lost the tie because Bayern has more away goals, 3 scored in the first leg.

How many goals has bastian schweinsteiger scored in his career?

Bastian ahs scored 59 goals in his career in total. 38 for Bayern Munich. 21 for Germany.

Who scored the champions league fastest goal?

The fastest ever goal in champions league is scored by Bayern Munich's Roy Makaay in 10.3 sec against Real Madrid in 2007.

Who was manger when Aston villa won European cup what was the team who scored goal?

Aston Villa beat Bayern Munich 1-0 to win the European Cup. Peter Withe scored the winner. Tony Barton was the winning manager.

Has Mark Hughes ever played for Bayern Munich?

He had a loan spell with them from 1987-1988, made 18 appearances and scored 6 goals.