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Q: Who score 4 goals in you 1 game in premiership?
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How many premiership goals have Chelsea scored this season?

95 goals 60 home 35 away with 1 game to go home v Wigan

How many times did maurice Richard score three goals in a play off game?


What is a score worth in soccer?

A goal is a single unit = 1 goal. The point of the game id to score more goals than your opponent

Second biggest score in the premiership?

tottenham hotspur Beat Wian 9-1

How many goals did Germany score against Brazil in the semi-final game of the 2014 FIFA World Cup?

Germany won by 7 goals to 1.

What was the final score of the Liverpool versus Roma game on July 25th 2012?

Roma won by 2 goals to 1.

Who has scored the most premiership goals in 1 season?

Cristiano Ronaldo - 42 2008/2009

If a touchdown is wotrth 7 nand field goals are worth 3 what is the largest game score for a team not possible?

If you allow 2-point conversions, the only impossible score is a 1.

How many goals did wilshere score for arsenal?


How many goals did Ian Rush score in his career?

The English Premier League was formed in February 1992, so Ian Rush technically scored only five goals in the premiership. From 1980-1996, Rush scored 243 goals for Chester City and Liverpool. He also scored seven goals during his year at Juventus. His total tally of goals in his football career is 254 goals.

What is the average score of a high school football game?

the score offten depends on if the keeper is any good if you have a good keeper it can be 1-3 goals but a poor keeper can let in as many as 10

How many goals did brandi chastain score?

no 1 knows