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Q: Who saids Revenge his foul and most unnatural murder?
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What tasks does the ghost set for Hamlet?

"Revenge my foul and most unnatural murder." That's about it.

Who is the character who says of his own murder that it was foul and most unnatural?

That quote "foul and most unnatural" is not from Macbeth, but from Hamlet - Old Hamlet describes his own murder thus, when he is addressing his son as a ghost. The King is murdered in Macbeth, but this phrase is not used.

What is the missing word in this quotation from hamlet'murder most foul as in the best it is but this most foul strange and?

The Ghost says this in Act I Scene 5 of Hamlet: Murder most foul, as in the best it is, but this most foul, strange and unnatural."

What 3 tasks does the ghost tell Hamlet to undertake?

The ghost charges Hamlet to perform a three-part task. He is asked to: 1. Revenge the murder of his father. 2. Hamlet is also not to contrive against his mother but to leave her to heaven and her own conscience. 3. Don't go insane during the task

How did Old Hamlet die?

He was mudered. A "foul and most unnatural murder." He was poisoned by Claudius, his brother.

When was Murder Most Foul created?

Murder Most Foul was created in 1964-09.

What literary term is foul whisperings are abroad unnatural deeds do breed unnatural troubles?

layne long says METAPHOR for all you A+ kids

What does the ghost ask Hamlet to do towhom is Hamlet supposed to be merciful?

Act 1 Scene 5. The Ghost tells Hamlet: I am thy father's spirit... Revenge his foul and most unnatural murder. The serpent that did sting thy father's life Now wears the crown...(King Claudius) And in the porches of mine ears did pour the leperous distilment... Hamlet remember me. Hamlet is supposed to be merciful to the Ghost of his father's spirit. Which he does so with so determination and dedication to get revenge and to do it so that he (Hamlet) goes to heaven and Claudius goes rightfully to Hell.

What are the release dates for Fame for 15 - 2001 Murder Most Foul?

Fame for 15 - 2001 Murder Most Foul was released on: USA: 15 September 2002

What three things does the ghost ask Hamlet to do?

1. Kill the king ("If thou didst ever thy dear father love, revenge his foul and most unnatural murder") 2. Lay off Mom. ("nor let thy soul contrive against thy mother aught") 3. "Remember me."

Who is the character who says of his own murder that it was ' foul and most unaturzaal?

The character who says this line is Banquo in Shakespeare's play "Macbeth." This statement reveals his shock and dismay at being betrayed by Macbeth and murdered unjustly. The line highlights the sense of treachery and wrongdoing surrounding Banquo's death.

What event from acts 2 and 3 demonstrates the recurring motif of fair is foul and foul is fair?

The murder of King Duncan in Act 2 exemplifies the motif of fair is foul and foul is fair in "Macbeth". The murder takes place under the pretense of hospitality and loyalty, which are traditionally viewed as fair, but the act itself is deceitful and treacherous, embodying foulness within an apparently fair context.