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Carlos Arroyo

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Q: Who replaced John Stockton as point guard for the Utah Jazz?
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Who is John Stockton?

John Stockton (born March 26, 1962 in Spokane, Washington) is a former basketball player who played point guard for the Utah Jazz for 20 seasons.

Anyone ever met john stockton?

It seems to be a pretty common name, but if you mean the point guard for the Utah Jazz, 1984-2003, yes, he is still very much alive.

What does the name stockton mean?

john stockton for the Utah jazz

When was John Stockton inducted into the NBA hall of fame?

John Houston Stockton (born March 26, 1962) is a retired American professional basketball player (NBA) who spent his entire career 19 years (1984-2003) as a point guard for the Utah Jazz of the NBA. Stockton is regarded as one of the best point guards of all time, holding the NBA records for most career assists and steals by considerable margins.

What position does Diante Garrett play?

Diante Garrett plays point guard for the Utah Jazz.

What position does Trey Burke play?

Trey Burke plays point guard for the Utah Jazz.

What position does Alec Burks play?

Alec Burks plays point guard for the Utah Jazz.

When was Jazz Raycole born?

Jazz Raycole was born on February 11, 1988, in Stockton, California, USA.

What former Utah jazz player has a street named after him?

John Stockton

What position does John Lucas III play?

John Lucas III plays point guard for the Utah Jazz.

Who is the all time 3 point leader in Utah jazz history?

John Stockton is the leader with 845 3 point field goals he lead in attempts with 2203: Jeff Hornecek is the accuracy leader with .428%

Have the jazz ever beat the lakers in the playoffs?

Yes, but not in recent years. When the Jazz had Karl Malone and John Stockton, they beat the Lakers in the playoffs on the Jazz's way to the NBA finals.