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This is a Scrum or Scrummage. The scrum half (number nine in Union) throws the ball in to the tunnel formed by the two front rows. To do this the Scrum Half stands adjacent to their open side prop forward. This is the one who has one side of his head (the left side) not in contact with the opposing prop forward. The ball must pass the feet of the open side prop before the ball can be hooked back by a front row player. No hand may touch the ball . The 2 sides endeavour to push the other off the ball so that they can win possession

To learn more about Rugby rules look on the IRB website - it has a wealth of information.

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The Scrumhalf (in union they are number 9 and in league they are number 7)

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Q: Who puts the ball into a scrum in rugby?
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What happens if the scrum in rugby doesn't move?

nothing, there are hookers in the scrum who should hook the ball. The chances of the scrum being perfectly still is highly unlikely anyway.

In rugby What is the name for the person who spots the ball for a scrum?

Whilst the term "spots the ball" does not appear in the phraseology of rugby I'm assuming that you mean a Scrumhalf

Why do scrums keep collapsing in rugby?

safety because the team collapsing the scrum has lost the ball

Which side o the scrum does the scrum halfput the ball in rugby league?

The ball is put in the scum in the loose head prop side in both codes (number 8 in league and 1 in union)

What is a ruck?

In rugby, a loose scrum formed around the ball when it is on the ground .

What is a rugby scuffle?

a scuffle in rugby scrum

What is the longest rugby scrum?

There are no records of scrum duration. In the 70's 80' and 90s scrums would last some 30 seconds from ball in. Now its about the same.

What is a loose scrum called in rugby?

Its common name is a RUCK.

Scrum is done during what game?


Can you play a rugby ball forward with your hand?

no its classed as a "knock on" and a scrum to the opposing team is given If the ball is deliberately knocked forward then a referee can issue a penalty

A scrum is a formation of which sport?


Which side do you feed a rugby scrum?

you feed from the left of the team that the scrum is awarded i should know i am a scrum half