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As of August 2011, number twenty is Jay Spearing.

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who plays no 11 for liverpool

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Q: Who plays shirt no 11 for Liverpool football club?
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Who wears number 11 shirt for Liverpool football club?

Liverpool's number 11 shirt is worn by Albert Riera

Which premiership football club home ground is at anfield?

In the E.P.L the Liverpool club plays their football at Anfield.

Who plays nos11 for Liverpool football club?

albert riera

Who is number 13 for Liverpool football club?

No one is. There isn't a number 13 shirt for Liverpool F.C.

Which football club does glen Johnson play for?

Mr. Johnson plays for the Liverpool club.

Which was the first british football club to sign a shirt sponsorship deal?

Liverpool - 1978 - Hitatchi

In which country is Liverpool Football Club?

Liverpool Football Club is in Liverpool, United Kingdom.

Who is Robbie Fowler?

He plays football for Cardiff City. Used to play for Liverpool Football Club (TWICE!)

Who sponsors Liverpool Football Club?

Warrior Sports sponsors their Kit. Standard Charted is their current (2012) shirt sponsor. Carlsberg used to be their shirt sponsor.

Is Liverpool a City?

Liverpool is Football Club

Who is the best English football club?

Liverpool Football Club of course.

What is Steven Gerrard famous for?

Steven Gerrard is an English footballer and is the captain of the Liverpool Football team and plays on the England football team also. Whilst playing for Liverpool, he wears the number 8 shirt and whilst playing for England wears the number 4 shirt. He married Alexandra "Alex" Curran on June 16, 2007, and the couple have three daughters: Lily-Ella, Lexie, and Lourdes.