Who plays on wild-card weekend?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Four wild-card teams.

"Wild Card Weekend" is actually kind of a misnomer, because only half of the teams participating are wild card teams. The other half are division champions.

The NFL's playoff system sends four division champs and two wild card teams from each conference to the postseason every year. The division champs are seeded 1 through 4, and the wild cards are seeded 5 and 6. The #1 and #2 seeds are given a bye to the second round, and everyone else plays on "Wild Card Weekend" -- the #3 division champ hosts the #6 wild card, and the #4 division champ hosts the #5 wild card.

In the second round, the #1 seed plays the lowest remaining seed from the first round, and the #2 seed plays the other surviving Round 1 team.

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The two teams with the best records who do not win their division are designated as wild cards.

They play against the two division winners with the worstrecords in their conference.

The two division winners with the best records in the conference get a bye into the next round.

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Q: Who plays on wild-card weekend?
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